I was born in Greece on the island of Ithaca, the home of legendary king Odysseus where I was influenced by the all-natural and healthy Mediterranean cooking. I then traveled to NYC where I was impressed by the World famous American Kitchen, and spent 20 years enjoying exploring it."

"I started in 1977 in NYC, by opening a bakery to master gourmet baking. I continued to open stores and gained recognition and awards. I spent my life exploring all types of ingredients from Greece to NYC, looking carefully into every component of my dishes until I finally identified the finest recipes. I combined both experiences to create 'Bluefield Burger' a lifestyle concept where the seductive scents of herbs and exquisite flavors of the Mediterranean meet the great American Burger."

Top quality burgers with a Mediterranean touch, every bite full of rich flavors. Created using herbs, fresh local vegetables, premium meat and fish. Everything is embellished with a collection of special sauces freshly prepared in our kitchen..

"...And now I am ready to share those creations with you all, hoping that it will be an enjoyable experience."